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Jean-Noël Chaintreuil
& Director

Timothée D’Aulnois
Carole Ballereau
& Consultant

Translator with a passion for cross-cultural matters, Carole has traveled and worked on the five continents before landing at Change Factory.

Change is in her DNA, and she enjoys helping you blossom along this path. Her last discovery? Esport Learning Expeditions!

Ophélie Ayouaz

Future of work & Eeverse Mentoring consultant/trainer
Florent Steyaert

Anna Rollet
& Consultant

Passionate about human relationships, Anna traveled between Paris and New York to work as a documentary production assistant before specializing in digital transformation, specifically the changes in culture it brings about.

The real-life adventure she’s currently living: intrapreneurship programs, for which she’s working with many clients.

Karim Boukercha
& Consultant

Expert Social Media

Yann Grégoire

Gifted with a boundless curiosity and a love for Art in all its forms, Yann likes to discover new and innovative ideas for visual communication.

He’s working as Change Factory art director assistant for his last year of study apprenticeship. His passion? E-sport! Don’t hesitate to talk about the matter with him.

Loic Perrin
Loic Perrin

One foot in the vineyards and the other next to big corporations, Loïc is passionate about the changes the corporate world and its workers are going through.

After 15 years of experience in a demanding international environment, he offers a sharp and perceptive look at your disruption strategies and helps you implement reverse mentoring programs and organize learning expeditions.

Janeth Chavez

Audrey Risser
& Consultant

Versatile and polyglot, Audrey has ethics at heart as words play in her head.

Certain that corporate transformation is a cornerstone to building a fairer world, she’s happy to put her heart and head at the service of your next HR adventures. Her favorite leverage: intrapreneurship.

Adeline Çabale

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